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How to Set Up Your Android Wear Smartwatch

The initial two Android Wear smartwatches ought to land at your doorsteps in the blink of an eye: the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. Be that as it may, how would you get these gadgets ready for action? We got a few hands-on time with the two gadgets at Google I/O, so here’s the manner by which to begin.

1. To start with, you’ll have to download the Android Wear application on your cell phone and turn on your fitness smartwatch. In the event that your watch doesn’t have a physical catch, similar to the LG G Watch, place it in the charging support while power is associated. You’ll additionally need Bluetooth empowered on your cell phone.

2. Your watch will request that you select a language, and will at that point show you a brief to fire up the Android Wear application.

Android Wear Setup

3. Next, you’ll need to match your gadgets. Tap through the prompts on your Android gadget until you find a workable pace screen. Tap the gadget in the rundown of accessible Bluetooth gadgets that has a similar code as the one showed on your watch. All things considered, you don’t need another person to see your notices.

4. Affirm on your watch and Android gadget and tap through the following hardly any means on your telephone. For a great many people, the watch will start to refresh its product. Google engineers revealed to me this can be a quite enormous update, so you’ll likely need to do it while your telephone is associated with Wi-Fi.

5. Contingent upon your settings, the Android Wear application may provoke you to empower warning access. Simply follow the prompts, check the crate by Android Wear in Notification Settings, and you’re en route.

6. In the event that you don’t have Google Now empowered, the Android Wear application will incite you to empower it. In case you’re a Google Apps client, you may find that you don’t need to access to Google Now. Not to stress: just sign in to Google with your own Google record, or switch to your own record. When Google Now is empowered on your telephone, it will chip away at your smartwatch.

Android Wear Notifications

7. Discussing, your smartwatch ought to be finished refreshing at this point. In spite of the fact that each watch is extraordinary, you’ll go through an Android Wear instructional exercise that clarifies the rudiments of what you can do with your smartwatch. The framework is genuinely natural, however you’ll need to focus on take advantage of your new gadget.

Recollect that your smartwatch is extremely only an augmentation of your telephone. The Android Wear application contains significant settings, and your smartwatch needs applications introduced on your telephone so as to do everything



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